I found this article published today.  I was inspired by the story because it's about how everyday people are stepping up to shape up the future of America's children.

It points to a statistic I've known to be true as of a couple of years ago and I think about it everyday and I think it's one you should keep top of mind when you are choosing what to feed your family.

 Our kid's are on track to live shorter lives than us, their parents.  It's already happening.

It's not just that they are going to live shorter lives, but they will have more pain, illness and disease to deal with, which is why they will die at younger ages. 

Here is the good news!!  We don't have to sit back and watch.  There are things we can do NOW to impact their lives later and help them avoid pain and illness altogether.

It starts with healthy eating.  If you are having trouble getting your kid's to eat healthier options, it's time to get help.  Fill out the form on the right side of this screen for your free Change your Food Change you Future guide ---->

Here is the full link to the article: http://www.illinoistimes.com/Springfield/article-8943-moving-kids-from-fat-to-fit.html