I've wanted to blog about this hot topic all week, but I had to really check in with my emotions so that I could identify what it is I was really feeling.  Angry, Disgusted, Sympathetic?

So here is what I came up with.  I had to ask myself a few questions:  Do you think the parents are doing this maliciously, meaning, are they intentionally trying to make them obese?  Is the government better qualified to take care of the child?  What is the best interest of the child?  Is it abuse?

I don't believe the parents of obese children are doing it with the intent to hurt them.  I think it just goes to show the LACK of education the majoirty of parents have when it comes to nutrition and feeding their child.  Furthermore, the biggest advertisers are the one's for junk food....Pepsi, Coca Cola, McDonalds's.  Corporations spend BILLIONS to entice people to eat their CRAP.  People have absolutely no idea what is in their food, in fact most of the "food" in their house is not "food" at all!  It's all processed chemicals.  I bet you can't even pronounce half of the ingredients of anything you find in your cupboard...because it's not really food!

I also don't believe the government would do a "better" job.  Foster care?  I don't think that's the answer.

So what is in the best interest of the child?  In this case, I think staying with the parents.  The thing that is missing is the education!  If you take the child away then everyone loses...the parents and the child.  If the child stays and everyone, together, learns about food, nutrition, and how the body works...it's a win-win.

I think this is a tradegy.  Parents should absolutely be aware of everything going into their childs mouth and their own.  They're not though.  I know plenty of amazing parents that still give thier kids junk food day in and day out, but their children are not considered overweight..so it's ok then?  Where do you draw the line?  How is that not abuse, when their children are not getting the nutrients their bodies need everyday either?  Does that mean the big, bad, government should come take them too?  Nope!  EDUCATION!

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