Coloring on Counter
There is a childrens song that goes "I'm a happy helper, show me what to do...I'm a happy helper, I like helping you!"

Your kids want nothing more than your attention
, positive or negative it really does not matter to them.  If you've ever tried to cook dinner while one child was screaming, and the other clung to your leg this is why they are behaving this way.  As they see it, their job is to get you to stop doing what you are doing and pay attention to them. 

The good news is there is a way to make everyone happy!  Pull up a stool, chair, whatever and let them be involved in the process.  Let them stir, peel, smell, taste, watch.  Let them set the table, figure out how many forks, spoons, napkins they need to put out.  Let them plate the food. 

If you are wondering about the photo, sometimes my 2 year old is not interested in helping right away.  To keep her included, I let her color on the counter (I'm right next to her chopping veggies, just in case you were concerned :) ). It only lasts for a few minutes then she is sampling the food and helping to stir! 

It's important for so many reasons to include your children in the cooking process.  The first is that children are more apt to eat healthier options if they feel like they are part of the meal.  The second, is it makes them feel special because you are including them in a "grown-up" activity.  The third, is you will all feel closer to each other as a family.  Families that cook and eat together, stay together. 

Try it tonight!

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