About a month ago I posted The Silent Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  It's a topic I am super passionate about and my mission is to bring awareness to parents.  Reading food labels is so incredibly important, it could even save your life and the life of your kid's.  Your kid's are not old enough to know what is good for their bodies, so it's up to you...as the parent to make sure you educate them about food.

Do what you can now to protect them and give them the life skills they will use to lead healthy lives. 

I came across an article today by a doctor I've come to really look up to and respect.  He details the "5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You"  I'm sharing it with you, to hopefully make you more aware of the real threat this is for you and your kid's.

http://bit.ly/pR9uJ3  <------------Here is the Link for the 5 reasons.

Here to help,
High Fructose Corn Syrup
First let’s start with what exactly is High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)?  Originally it was invented by Japanese researchers as a cheap sweetener for soft drinks.  It’s 6 times sweeter than sucrose (the traditional sugar you use in your home) which makes it very addictive.  Since the 1970’s it has migrated into just about everything you eat because it’s sweet and it’s cheap. Some call this a silent killer, some say it’s not that bad…who’s right?

Well moderation is key in anything you eat and drink.  But if it’s in everything you eat and drink, how do you know how much you are consuming?  This is what makes it extremely dangerous.

As I mentioned before since it is so sweet it makes us addicted to the very foods we should steer clear of.  We crave these foods from the “high” or temporary spike in energy.  This energy quickly fades and so we eat more or drink more without even thinking about it.  Fructose also disables the signals your body gives when you are full and increases your appetite.

It’s also rightfully blamed factor for the rapid rise of obesity and diabetes.  Our children consume alarming amounts of HFCS.  Teenagers gulp soft and energy drinks by the cases, all loaded with this dangerous sweetener.  Is it any wonder why the obesity rate in our kids is the highest it’s ever been?  1 in 3 American Children born after the year 2000 will contract early onset of diabetes, among minorities it’s 1 in 2.

 Your liver is not designed to handle large amounts of fructose.  Too much can cause liver dysfunction.

 Too much high fructose corn syrup can also cause heart problems because it causes increases your triglyceride levels which can lead to heart disease.  Heart Disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S.

Food for thought.  The U.S.D.A conducted research to see the effects of a high fructose corn syrup diet on lab rats and concluded the life span was reduced from the normal 2 years to just 5 weeks! 

Please read food labels before you buy!  I would shout this from the roof tops if I could. 

You vote with your dollars.  If you keep buying it, food manufacturers will keep making it, and your grocery store will stock their shelves full of foods that are making you and your children sick.  If you see HFCS or crystalline fructose put it down and find another alternative.

Fast foods are loaded with HFCS so prepare fresh foods in your own kitchen.  There are plenty of “fast” much healthier meals you can prepare at home.  Teach your children the importance of reading food labels and show them how to make healthy meals together as a family, and eat together too!

Here are a few companies that we use in our family because they do not use HFCS:

·  Stonyfield

·   Honest Kid’s Juice

·   Bonne Maman Preserves

·   Nature’s Own Breads

·   Cheerios

·    Annie’s Organics

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