Of course you want to buy the healthiest foods for your family, but it can be very difficult to read all the different food labels on every single thing you buy.  For me personally grocery shopping needs to be done "Supermarket Sweep" style (you know that old game show?)...fast.  I'm a girl on a mission with kids in tow and standing around reading every food label I put in my cart is not an option. 

And even if I did read every food label that still would not tell me if something was GMO or not, it would still leave me guessing.  Here in the United States genetically modified foods are not labeled as such...but there is a little known trick I learned that guarantees the food I buy for my family is GMO free.

There is an amazing new company out there, the first of its kind that guarantees any product they carry is Non-GMO.  They regulate this very heavily and pledge to never carry GMO products.  This is great news as it takes away all the guess work and label analyzing so that I can feel 100% confident we are consuming only healthy non-GMO foods.  This is a really big deal as there is no other store or company that has this pledge and with all the dangerous health risks associated with GMO foods it's a company I am very glad exists.  I know that my kiddos are getting good clean food that their bodies desperately need to grow into healthy adults.

One other thing I really like about them is I can order right online and have it shipped (for free!) to my doorstep which as a busy working mom saves me a ton of time.  They are also so much cheaper than Wholefoods or the organic section at my grocery.  (Just to give you an idea the Gluten free oatmeal I buy at my local grocery is $5.99 a box, the same oatmeal at this store is $3.04!)  So I save money, time, and know without a shadow of a doubt I am feeding my family Non-GMO foods...can you say Super-Mom!!

Click on the picture above to check them out, or click here, I know you will be just as impressed as I am!

I found this article published today.  I was inspired by the story because it's about how everyday people are stepping up to shape up the future of America's children.

It points to a statistic I've known to be true as of a couple of years ago and I think about it everyday and I think it's one you should keep top of mind when you are choosing what to feed your family.

 Our kid's are on track to live shorter lives than us, their parents.  It's already happening.

It's not just that they are going to live shorter lives, but they will have more pain, illness and disease to deal with, which is why they will die at younger ages. 

Here is the good news!!  We don't have to sit back and watch.  There are things we can do NOW to impact their lives later and help them avoid pain and illness altogether.

It starts with healthy eating.  If you are having trouble getting your kid's to eat healthier options, it's time to get help.  Fill out the form on the right side of this screen for your free Change your Food Change you Future guide ---->

Here is the full link to the article: http://www.illinoistimes.com/Springfield/article-8943-moving-kids-from-fat-to-fit.html