Saccharin Warning Label
Of course I read food labels.  But it didn't occur to me to read the label on the toothpaste my girls use to brush their teeth with every day.  So the other night when I flipped the tube over at the training toothpaste and took a peek at the label you can imagine my SHOCK! 

The toothpaste contained Saccharin and Sucralose!  I have a big problem with artificial sweeteners as they are body toxins.

Splenda (Sucralose
) has never been proven safe for human consumption and it's widely known as a public health experiment.  The FDA approved it after a mere 4 days of trial where only 23 adults actually ingested it.  The other studies were done on animals and revealed complications that would concern anyone such as a decrease in red blood cells, increased male infertility, created spontaneous abortions in half of the rabbits vs. zero abortions in the control group, as well as a 23% death rate vs. a 6% death rate in the control.

Common human side effects of consuming sucralose: gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, seizures, migraines, allergic reaction, weight gain, blurred vision, and increase in blood sugar just to name a few.

Saccharin- I'm not sure if you remember this, but before 2001 any product containing saccharin had this warning label.  This has since been lifted because after some industry testing it was determined that saccharin only caused bladder cancer in rats.  Most researchers believe in sufficient doses, saccharin is a human carcinogenic.  But how do you know the amount of artificial sweeteners your body can tolerate?  Most researchers also agree that saccharin is not a good product for children because of the possible irreversible cell damage

Conclusion: Artificial sweeteners are toxic to your body, foreign chemicals with no food value that your body has to fight to metabolize.  They are risky for adults to consume, but if you are pregnant, nursing you should avoid ingesting these toxins.  You should also make sure your kids are not consuming these dangerous artificial sweeteners...and don't forget to check their toothpaste!  I threw mine where it belonged, in the trash.