It's January!  The time of year where the days are short, colds and flu germs are everywhere, and baby it's cold outside (well at least for some of us). 

This means we are not getting much Vitamin D, also affectionately called the "Sunshine Vitamin". Vitamin D has amazing benefits like protecting you from the common cold and flu virus, diabetes, and even cancer.  It's one of the vitamins that we are all deficient in, children included.

The best source of Vitamin D is.....SUNSHINE!  It's free, feels really good, and keeps your body healthy.  But if you are like me and live in a colder climate for parts of the year sitting in the sun with your arms and legs exposed in 10 degree weather is not an option.  Have no fear....Safe tanning beds are also a good source of Vitamin D.  Look for a bed that has electronic ballasts rather than magnetic ballasts.  Magnetic ballasts are a source of EMS fields which are linked to cancer. HINT:  If you are laying in the bed and your hear loud buzzing it's Magnetic...get out of there!  If you cannot find a safe tanning bed then opt for an oral supplement.  Read more about safe tanning here.

Vitamin D3 oral supplements are recommended as a last resort because your body does not process them the same way it processes natural Vitamin D.   

So how much do you need?  According to GrassrootsHealth An adult body needs about 5,000 - 8,000 IU's of Vitamin D everyday. Children over the age of 5 are recommended to have 2,500 IU's.  For children 5 and under you can calculate how much your child needs by using this simple formula: 

                                        Your Childs Body Weight in lbs x 35 = Vitamin D IU's 

Remember if you are getting enough liquid sunshine you should not need to take an oral Vitamin D3 supplement, as with anything you  can have too much of a good thing.  If you need help determining how much you need you can get a simple blood test from your doctor or pediatrician.

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