Greens to Eat
It's the new year and we are all feeling ambitious.  I think this is the time of year we are the most open to trying new things.  Why not try something super healthy and delicious?

Try expanding your families diet to include greens for these 3 reasons:

1.  Protection of the Immune System, the only system in your body that keeps you healthy.
2.  Reduces cholesterol leves. With the recent government standards recommending cholesterol testing at the age of 9, we need to think about maintaining these levels even as young children.
3.  Reduces inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is the root cause of 95% of all disease and illness.
Here is 1 yummy recipe you can try from Dr. Weil that you can make for fast healthy meals for dinner and will be filled with nutrients and one superfood used over thousands of years in Chinese and Indian Medicine.  I will be making this dish sometime before the weekend for sure!  I will let you know how the girls like it :) Click here for the complete recipe, and enjoy!
The CDC has convinced (through a secret "off the record" meeting) your Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, and other members of Clergy that offering Flu shots during mass is a good idea.  The reasoning is that if the parishioners see their religious leader getting the vaccine, they will be inspired to follow

Not only is the Government worming its way into your place of worship inappropriate but Flu shots are totally ineffective and NOT the way to protect your body Flu shots only work 1.5 times out of 100! I would hardly call that a success rate.  If you are thinking about getting a flu shot for yourself or your child please do a little research and educate yourself on vaccines.  Vaccines are drugs.  The best place to learn about vaccines is the National Vaccine Information Center

You can read the full article from Dr. Mercola's "If You Go To Church, Heed This Warning" by clicking on the link. There is also a powerful video of what happens when you have a reaction to the Flu vaccine.

The best way to boost your immune system and protect yourself and your children from getting sick this winter:
                                1.  Eat plenty of organic fruits and veggies.  You should be eating these all day long.
                                2.  Stay active.  Exercise, do things that get your heart rate up.
                                3.  Get plenty of rest.  
                                4.  De-stress!  Practice breathing, pick up a yoga class, get a massage, take a bath.
                                5.  Stay away from processed foods, salt, and sugar
Coconut Oil
I used to always cook with vegetable oils mostly because that's what my mom cooks with and that's the way I was taught to cook.  AND we've also been told that these vegetable unsaturated oils are more "heart healthy" and are supposed to protect us from heart disease. It turns out, that was a really BAD idea as they actually do more harm than good. 

Here is why.  Unsaturated oils like vegetable oil, corn oil, safflower oil just to name a few oxidize when exposed to any heat, even room temperature heat.    The problem with oxidation in oils is that it makes it rancid and produces Free Radicals.  Free Radicals are molecules that are missing a critical component and steal what they need from your healthy cells, altering your DNA which accelerates aging and over 90% of all diseases we suffer from today.  This is BAD, and why you should move your family away from these oils, and stop cooking with them.  Cooking with these oils accelerates oxidation which produces more Free Radicals.

One other really cool fact that I as a mom found really interesting is that Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid, which is a natural compound found in breast milk.  Lauric acid is super important because it strengthens your immune system.

I've recently moved over to cooking with Coconut Oil.  Coconut Oil is saturated and heat stable so that it doesn't get damaged when you cook with it, and it does not oxidize... so NO FREE RADICALS are getting into my kids bodies destroying their healthy cells.  You can cook with it, bake with it, and mix it up for dressings and other healthy treats.

Other benefits:  
                                PROMOTES heart health
                                SUPPORTS the Immune System
                                Gives you ENERGY
                                SUPPORTS healthy metabolism
                                PROMOTES weight loss
                                MAINTAIN normal Cholesterol levels

It also doubles as an excellent moisturizer for your skin :)

Be choosy when purchasing Coconut oil.  I use Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that I find in my local health food store.  Find one that is cold pressed, organic, made with fresh coconuts (instead of dried "copra" used in cheap oils), not refined or bleached.