Fluoridated Water
This seems like a really obvious answer, but what I'm about to share with you will be both surprising and may even make you angry.

You know that you shouldn't swallow your toothpaste because although fluoride is excellent for your teeth it's not good for your body.  As indicated on the back of any tube of toothpaste, if you do swallow too much fluoride you are instructed to contact the poison control center.

Which causes me to pause, and think...so why do "they" ADD fluoride to our drinking water?  The Center for Disease Control, American Dental Association, and Delta Dental are campaigning in full force to add this unnecessary and toxic chemical to all public drinking water without precaution.  More than 200 million Americans have been and are currently drinking fluoridated water and most are totally unaware of this.  Although Fluoride is a natural mineral, the stuff they add to your water is not naturally occurring, they are manufactured chemicals.

What's the big deal?  In January 2011, the CDC reported that 41% of children ages 12-15 have dental fluorosis, overexposure to fluoride.  It's the only chemical added to your drinking water for the purpose of medication.  In the 1940's dentists believed that fluoride needed to be ingested to be most effective.  Modern medicine has long since disproved that notion but we continue to ingest it every day as well as the risks associated with it.

Risks you ask?  Fluoride becomes very active inside the body and is a neurotoxin.  Adverse effects such as risk to the brain-especially in children, reduction of thyroid activity, weak bones, risk for bone cancer and anyone with kidney disease.  The ADA has admitted that babies should not consume fluoridated water as it greatly increases their risk of dental fluorosis as well as damage developing tissues, and the brain causing learning deficits and other problems.  I know when I started making formula my Pediatrician recommended I use tap water over bottled water so that she could build up a tolerance to local immunities.  Did not once mention anything about fluoride!

Are you affected? 95% of Europe has said NO to fluoridation.  Your voice can stop this nonsense in your local community so that you can protect your family. Click to find out if your community is part of this problem. 
Need some inspiration?  Visit this website to see how more than 250 communities like yours have rejected Fluoridation. 

Want more info?  Here are a few resources:
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Conclusion:  Medication should not be forced on us through the water supply.  Fluoride is a medicine and should not be ingested by adults but ESPECIALLY children.  They are getting way too much fluoride from a number of sources and it's causing more harm than good.  Never use Fluoridated water to make baby formula, switch to bottled water.  Most bottled water is purified and stripped of everything that was added to it. 

A Mom
2/24/2012 05:07:36 am

Fluoride should not be in our drinking water. It should however be available in tablet form over the counter. We live in a town with well water only. My daughter had issues with cavities, her pediatrician gave us a prescription for fluoride tablets and her teeth became much stronger and no cavities. We live in a system where 'tooth' care is not considered 'health care' and not covered under general insurance. When a filling alone costs over $100 getting proper dental care is simply not affordable to many. There is a huge stigma connected to having poor teeth. We have a pretty sugar free house, and my son almost never got cavities, my daughter got many despite them both having the same foods and tooth care regime. Ingested fluoride can mean alot to someone who is susceptible to cavities or has weak teeth/enamel. My daughter is now an adult and has beautiful teeth, I am so thankful that my pediatrician prescribed the Fluoride tablets and helped to save her teeth. On a side note the fillings she has had before the fluoride pills have all needed to be replaced.

5/22/2012 09:56:27 pm

I have never idea about that toothpaste has toxic material like fluoride and it will be harmful for our body. Thanks for posting such nice information.

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9/29/2013 06:15:13 pm

We have a attractive sugar free home, and my son just about never got cavities, my daughter got lots of in spite of them both having the same food and tooth care regime. Ingested fluoride can denote allot to a significant being who is susceptible to hollow space or has feeble teeth/enamel

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