There was a time when the drive-thru and I were friends.  For a short time we were best friends and see each other nearly every day.  Obviously as you are paying for your "food" you know it's not GOOD for you but you think "I'll just eat something healthy later."  

I'm a curious person, so one day I was online and decided to read the ingredient list.  I was NOT lovin' it!  I couldn't pronounce half of the ingredients...this wasn't food.  It was a bunch of chemicals made to resemble food. Not long after that I watched a documentary that gave me the wake up call I needed and from that day forward I refuse to stop and eat at a fast food restaurant and am very particular on the restaurants I do go to.

This video is from Jeffrey Smith.  He is the founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology an organization committed to eliminating GMO's (Genetically Modified Organism) from the U.S. food supply.  This is not an easy task but absolutely necessary.  The Obama administration has pledged to have products containing GMO's labeled but we have yet to see any action.
Children are at the BIGGEST risk from the dangers of GMO's.  We are bombarding their developing bodies with these toxins that are proven to be incredibly harmful.  The potential risks for kid's include cancer (the #1 killer of kid's in the U.S.), more susceptible to allergies, and antibiotic resistant diseases.  GMO is in everything from baby formula, crackers, chips, milk, pasta's, some veggies themselves, and you guessed it Kid's Meals.

Isn't it scary when the foods we feed our children EVERYDAY can determine whether or not they will be able to have children of their own...your grandchildren?  Our food supply is growing more and more toxic by the day and it’s crazy to think that it will have no impact.  Our kid’s are undergoing one of the biggest human experiments ever conducted…and with irreversible effects because GMO’s can actually alter your DNA.

We talk more about this topic in our parent community where there are resources like a "Non-GMO Shopping Guide" you can print out and take to the grocery store with you.
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I read a few news articles today that made me so frustrated.  They were citing the old Thermodynamics tale that calories are just calories, if you don't burn it you will store it.  If you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight...that's what we were ALL taught, right? 

This way of thinking is not correct.  Your body metabolizes calories differently. A calorie is not just a calorie, a slice of bread and a glass of orange juice may have the same initial calories, but the second it enters your body it's a whole new picture.  In fact one of these will turn into mostly fat and the other will barely'll have to watch to find out (the answer will surprise you).
This video will totally rock your world and turn it inside out.  I know it's a L-O-N-G one, but worth ever single second and I promise you will thank me later.  I have watched it 4 times!  It's that powerful.
After you are done watching it send me a quick note or post a comment.  Let us know what you think :)
It's January!  The time of year where the days are short, colds and flu germs are everywhere, and baby it's cold outside (well at least for some of us). 

This means we are not getting much Vitamin D, also affectionately called the "Sunshine Vitamin". Vitamin D has amazing benefits like protecting you from the common cold and flu virus, diabetes, and even cancer.  It's one of the vitamins that we are all deficient in, children included.

The best source of Vitamin D is.....SUNSHINE!  It's free, feels really good, and keeps your body healthy.  But if you are like me and live in a colder climate for parts of the year sitting in the sun with your arms and legs exposed in 10 degree weather is not an option.  Have no fear....Safe tanning beds are also a good source of Vitamin D.  Look for a bed that has electronic ballasts rather than magnetic ballasts.  Magnetic ballasts are a source of EMS fields which are linked to cancer. HINT:  If you are laying in the bed and your hear loud buzzing it's Magnetic...get out of there!  If you cannot find a safe tanning bed then opt for an oral supplement.  Read more about safe tanning here.

Vitamin D3 oral supplements are recommended as a last resort because your body does not process them the same way it processes natural Vitamin D.   

So how much do you need?  According to GrassrootsHealth An adult body needs about 5,000 - 8,000 IU's of Vitamin D everyday. Children over the age of 5 are recommended to have 2,500 IU's.  For children 5 and under you can calculate how much your child needs by using this simple formula: 

                                        Your Childs Body Weight in lbs x 35 = Vitamin D IU's 

Remember if you are getting enough liquid sunshine you should not need to take an oral Vitamin D3 supplement, as with anything you  can have too much of a good thing.  If you need help determining how much you need you can get a simple blood test from your doctor or pediatrician.

I cover this vitamin and lots more helpful information to keep your child healthy now and protect their health for the future in our Parent Community.  Join us today!  Just fill out the simple form to the right for instant access.  See you on the inside, ~Angela

Greens to Eat
It's the new year and we are all feeling ambitious.  I think this is the time of year we are the most open to trying new things.  Why not try something super healthy and delicious?

Try expanding your families diet to include greens for these 3 reasons:

1.  Protection of the Immune System, the only system in your body that keeps you healthy.
2.  Reduces cholesterol leves. With the recent government standards recommending cholesterol testing at the age of 9, we need to think about maintaining these levels even as young children.
3.  Reduces inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is the root cause of 95% of all disease and illness.
Here is 1 yummy recipe you can try from Dr. Weil that you can make for fast healthy meals for dinner and will be filled with nutrients and one superfood used over thousands of years in Chinese and Indian Medicine.  I will be making this dish sometime before the weekend for sure!  I will let you know how the girls like it :) Click here for the complete recipe, and enjoy!
Solid Food
I have a confession.  When it was time to start introducing solid foods to my first child, I was terrified!  Up until then I was nursing and that was so easy and I didn't have to think about food.

I decided I was going to make it myself.  I'm sort of a do-it-yourselfer for most things anyway which I'm sure annoys my husband sometimes!  I didn't exactly have a guide to follow but I recently found this amazing meal plan for weaning your baby.  I thought I would post it to hopefully help other parents who might be looking for  smart ideas of what to feed their baby for their first bites of solid food.  It's a huge step and if there was only one thing you HAVE to get right is the foods you feed your child.

This great find is from Andrew Saul.  I've posted "Monday" but if you like this and want to see the whole 7 day meal plan just click on the link.  He also makes some great comments at the bottom so be sure to read those too!

(Scroll down to my Comments at the bottom of the page.)

"Wheatena" or similar brand cooked whole wheat breakfast cereal
1/2 of a chewable vitamin C 250 milligram tablet (that would be 125 mg.)
1/3 tsp children's multiple liquid  vitamin (such as "Shaklee Liqua-Lea,"  "Solgar
NutriFort" or "Nature's Plus Baby Plex")

Squash or Pumpkin
Cottage Cheese
1/2 of a chewable C tablet
1/3 tsp liquid multiple vitamin

Cottage Cheese
Puffed Wheat (no milk; use a few at a time as a finger-food)
one slice whole wheat bread with butter
Fruit (as much as desired)
1/2 of a chewable C tablet

See more at

The CDC has convinced (through a secret "off the record" meeting) your Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, and other members of Clergy that offering Flu shots during mass is a good idea.  The reasoning is that if the parishioners see their religious leader getting the vaccine, they will be inspired to follow

Not only is the Government worming its way into your place of worship inappropriate but Flu shots are totally ineffective and NOT the way to protect your body Flu shots only work 1.5 times out of 100! I would hardly call that a success rate.  If you are thinking about getting a flu shot for yourself or your child please do a little research and educate yourself on vaccines.  Vaccines are drugs.  The best place to learn about vaccines is the National Vaccine Information Center

You can read the full article from Dr. Mercola's "If You Go To Church, Heed This Warning" by clicking on the link. There is also a powerful video of what happens when you have a reaction to the Flu vaccine.

The best way to boost your immune system and protect yourself and your children from getting sick this winter:
                                1.  Eat plenty of organic fruits and veggies.  You should be eating these all day long.
                                2.  Stay active.  Exercise, do things that get your heart rate up.
                                3.  Get plenty of rest.  
                                4.  De-stress!  Practice breathing, pick up a yoga class, get a massage, take a bath.
                                5.  Stay away from processed foods, salt, and sugar
Brussel Sprouts
My husband and I went out for dinner last night at a fantastic little Bistro not far from home, Solo Bistro for those of you in the Bath area.

The seasonal accompaniment with nearly every dish was....Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  Ugh!  I can still recall being a little girl and eating was NOT tasty at all.  Never had them since, my husband recalled a similar childhood experience with some ill-prepared sprouts.  We were hesitant but we both got them figuring everything at this Bistro was so yummy, surely they wouldn't serve them if they didn't taste good.

They arrived at the table, we looked at each other...I said "You first".  He tried it and smiled..."These are delicious!"  I was still a little hesitant thinking he may trick with me, but I tasted one....and what a surprise.  It really was delicious.  We both cleared our plates, very proud of ourselves.

This got me thinking....nutritionally what's the benefit of eating Brussel Sprouts?  Here is what I found out:
                    1.  4 Brussel Sprouts is about 60 calories
                    2.  Especially high in Vitamin C 120% RDV
                    3.  3 grams of Fiber
                    4.  2 grams of Protein
                    5.  Good source of Folate
                    6.  Contain Sulforaphane, a chemical believed to have potent anticancer properties
                    7.  Contain indole-3-carbinol, a chemical that boosts DNA repair and blocks the growth of cancer cells.

Believed to be cultivated from Ancient Rome and are the same species as broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, and kale.  They are in season at this very moment.  Check your local farmers market and don't be afraid to cook some for dinner tonight.

Fluoridated Water
This seems like a really obvious answer, but what I'm about to share with you will be both surprising and may even make you angry.

You know that you shouldn't swallow your toothpaste because although fluoride is excellent for your teeth it's not good for your body.  As indicated on the back of any tube of toothpaste, if you do swallow too much fluoride you are instructed to contact the poison control center.

Which causes me to pause, and why do "they" ADD fluoride to our drinking water?  The Center for Disease Control, American Dental Association, and Delta Dental are campaigning in full force to add this unnecessary and toxic chemical to all public drinking water without precaution.  More than 200 million Americans have been and are currently drinking fluoridated water and most are totally unaware of this.  Although Fluoride is a natural mineral, the stuff they add to your water is not naturally occurring, they are manufactured chemicals.

What's the big deal?  In January 2011, the CDC reported that 41% of children ages 12-15 have dental fluorosis, overexposure to fluoride.  It's the only chemical added to your drinking water for the purpose of medication.  In the 1940's dentists believed that fluoride needed to be ingested to be most effective.  Modern medicine has long since disproved that notion but we continue to ingest it every day as well as the risks associated with it.

Risks you ask?  Fluoride becomes very active inside the body and is a neurotoxin.  Adverse effects such as risk to the brain-especially in children, reduction of thyroid activity, weak bones, risk for bone cancer and anyone with kidney disease.  The ADA has admitted that babies should not consume fluoridated water as it greatly increases their risk of dental fluorosis as well as damage developing tissues, and the brain causing learning deficits and other problems.  I know when I started making formula my Pediatrician recommended I use tap water over bottled water so that she could build up a tolerance to local immunities.  Did not once mention anything about fluoride!

Are you affected? 95% of Europe has said NO to fluoridation.  Your voice can stop this nonsense in your local community so that you can protect your family. Click to find out if your community is part of this problem. 
Need some inspiration?  Visit this website to see how more than 250 communities like yours have rejected Fluoridation. 

Want more info?  Here are a few resources:
Fluoride Facts

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

Infant Overview Handout

Infant Video Overview

Conclusion:  Medication should not be forced on us through the water supply.  Fluoride is a medicine and should not be ingested by adults but ESPECIALLY children.  They are getting way too much fluoride from a number of sources and it's causing more harm than good.  Never use Fluoridated water to make baby formula, switch to bottled water.  Most bottled water is purified and stripped of everything that was added to it. 

Organic Grocery Stores
Buying organic food in Health Food Stores can be overwhelming if you are new to the whole organic movement.  I have a friend who recently drove almost an hour to Whole Foods for the first time and she found it to be really intimidating. 

Here are 3 tips to make your trip to the Organic Grocery Store a success!

TIP 1:  Price Shop
There is a big mark-up on Organic and Natural Food.  Prices can be marked up from to 250% for products on the shelves and up to 450% on produce!  I personally shop here, as I've found the prices to be quite a bit lower than all the Organic Grocery Stores in my area, and I get free shipping to my home...added bonus for a busy mom!

TIP 2:  Make a List
I try to figure out what I'm going to make for the week and make a list of everything we need.  I find if I don't have a list I sort of wander aimlessly and end up with a bunch of random things in my cart.  I think this was my friends issue last week, she went in not having anything in particular she wanted to buy so it's no wonder she was a bit intimidated.

TIP 3:  Try Something New
If you normally shop at conventional grocery stores you will probably find lots of things that you've never heard of before.  Don't be afraid to try new things!  Bring your children with you and let them pick out something, they will be more likely to try new foods if they picked them out.

Happy shopping!  Don't forget to check out this new Organic Grocery will thank me later :)

Saccharin Warning Label
Of course I read food labels.  But it didn't occur to me to read the label on the toothpaste my girls use to brush their teeth with every day.  So the other night when I flipped the tube over at the training toothpaste and took a peek at the label you can imagine my SHOCK! 

The toothpaste contained Saccharin and Sucralose!  I have a big problem with artificial sweeteners as they are body toxins.

Splenda (Sucralose
) has never been proven safe for human consumption and it's widely known as a public health experiment.  The FDA approved it after a mere 4 days of trial where only 23 adults actually ingested it.  The other studies were done on animals and revealed complications that would concern anyone such as a decrease in red blood cells, increased male infertility, created spontaneous abortions in half of the rabbits vs. zero abortions in the control group, as well as a 23% death rate vs. a 6% death rate in the control.

Common human side effects of consuming sucralose: gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, seizures, migraines, allergic reaction, weight gain, blurred vision, and increase in blood sugar just to name a few.

Saccharin- I'm not sure if you remember this, but before 2001 any product containing saccharin had this warning label.  This has since been lifted because after some industry testing it was determined that saccharin only caused bladder cancer in rats.  Most researchers believe in sufficient doses, saccharin is a human carcinogenic.  But how do you know the amount of artificial sweeteners your body can tolerate?  Most researchers also agree that saccharin is not a good product for children because of the possible irreversible cell damage

Conclusion: Artificial sweeteners are toxic to your body, foreign chemicals with no food value that your body has to fight to metabolize.  They are risky for adults to consume, but if you are pregnant, nursing you should avoid ingesting these toxins.  You should also make sure your kids are not consuming these dangerous artificial sweeteners...and don't forget to check their toothpaste!  I threw mine where it belonged, in the trash.